Renewing my Dedicant Program

I won’t go into the details in this post, but I’m an ADF member who first came into contact with the organization in 2002, joined in 2004, completed by Dedicant Program in late 2005, and was active for a few years before becoming inactive. Life took me on an unsuspected path for awhile, but that journey is over. I have now resumed my ADF Druidic practice.

I’m a person who values thoroughness, propriety, and etiquette, so it seems fitting to me that I renew my Dedicant Program. One of the things that I like best about ADF is their emphasis on scholarship, research, and a generally informed approach to Neopaganism. Having spent time with a diverse range of Neopagans, I also appreciate the way ADF is organized and their commitment to a structured ritual style. In both cases, I believe a “refresher” course is in order. It’s what my personal integrity requires, and only good can come from it.

As I begin to review the requirements for the Dedicant Program and prepare to complete the written assignments, I am aware that the time I spent away from ADF has made me a better Druid. For one, I’m more mature and grounded than I once was. And second, I’ve had the benefit of a graduate education. At the very least, I should be a better writer than I was the first time around.

So here’s to continued learning, a renewed commitment, and starting the next journey.

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