May Feast

I wasn’t able to make it to any group festivities for May Feast this year, so I put together a solitary ritual for myself. Beltane was always one of my favorite events when I was part of a grove that practiced regularly. In the South, it is generally warm enough to camp, the trees are all green, and nature is ready to be enjoyed. Not so in the Midwest.

The weather was still too cool (by my standard) for being outdoors, so an inside rite it had to be. May Feast is also a bit awkward for me as a solitaire because I work in the Hellenic tradition, so there isn’t a corresponding festival that aligns with what many of the other IE-focused pagans are doing at this time. So I improvised.

Because the local agricultural cycle is so important to my spiritual practice, I decided to use this May Feast to mark two events: first, the return of Kore from the Underworld and her reunion with Demeter; second, the Thargelia, a feast of Apollo and Artemis. These two deities are especially important to me, and I generally honor them in pretty much every ritual I construct.


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