Morality & my Neopagan path

I grew up in the conservative South, where fundamentalist  Christianity permeated the culture and the value system it espoused was never questioned. I was bombarded by evangelical Christianity and its moral code on every front: at home, in Boy Scouts, at school. It was everywhere.

Fortunately, I was given the gift of an inquisitive and critical mind. I always wanted to know why things were as they were, and despite countless attempts to convince me that the Bible must be read literally, I never found this response satisfactory and so I never bought what they were trying to sell me.

Now that I identify as a Neopagan and Druid, I sometimes think about morality and values in the context of a spiritual/religious movement in which we do not depend on the illusion of absolute truth, a movement in which there are no sacred scriptures which must be taken literally, a movement in which so much emphasis is placed upon personal freedom.

So where do my Druidic, Neopagan values come from? How did I come by my moral compass?

In order to answer this question, I think Richard Dawkins has provided an excellent and concise response here.


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